Don’t know how to talk to kids about sexual abuse?

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Hi, I'm Carolyn. I'm an author, speaker, writer, and mom on a mission —

to educate and encourage adults to talk to the children they love about sexual abuse.

Because sometimes the only thing between you and protecting your kids 

is an ongoing conversation. 


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New and Noteworthy:

Our 3rd Annual Stuffed Animal Drive is Well Underway!

April is Child Abuse Awareness month and we have some wonderful things planned to help parents and spread awareness!


Mondays in April we’re releasing a special video series we’ve created for parents, by parents. Come back each week (on our Continuing the Conversation blog) for a new tip you can use in your home to protect your kids from sexual abuse.


We have also launched our 3rd Annual #GreatTeddyBearDrive for child victims of sexual abuse. Each year, during the month of April, we collect new stuffed animals that we donate to the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, a non-profit group that serves kids who have disclosed sexual abuse. PCA sees roughly 200 kids per month and each child gets to choose a snuggly stuffed animal to comfort them through the process. Would you consider donating this year?

Click HERE for more information.



Together we can protect the children of the world.


Recently On The Blog:

Tip Four for Protecting Your Kids from Sexual Abuse (April 2016 Sexual Abuse Awareness Campaign)

4/25/2016 by: Christy M. Willard

Today we share the 4th and final sexual abuse prevention tip in our series. We hope these short videos have educated and encouraged your family. And we are so thankful you have decided to join us and many other parents in weaving these very important tips into the fabric of your family.


WATCH Tip #4 below:


Together we can protect our kids from sexual abuse. Because when we build healthy relationships with our kids and increase the communication regarding sexual abuse, we decrease the risk.


Did you miss a tip? No problem. Here are the links:





Please share our short videos via social media, email, or any way you can. Many humble thanks!


These videos are part of our 2016 childhood sexual abuse awareness campaign in honor of Child Abuse Awareness month. Be sure to check out the other ways you can get involved in spreading this important message to others.

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