Don’t know how to talk to kids about sexual abuse?

We can help.


Hi, I'm Carolyn. I'm an author, speaker, writer, and mom on a mission —

to educate and encourage adults to talk to the children they love about sexual abuse.

Because sometimes the only thing between you and protecting your kids 

is an ongoing conversation. 


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New and Noteworthy:

We are excited to announce our soon-to-be released children’s book, Bobby Gilliam Brave and Strong.

Launching December/January 2015.

This story book, for ages 4 and up, will tackle the topic of childhood sexual abuse and pornography and is a tool to help you build a bridge of communication between yourself and the kids you love and long to protect. We want your children to be prepared should anyone show them inappropriate images, speak or touch them in an inappropriate manner, or perhaps ask your child to touch them in an inappropriate manner.

Our children’s books are meant to help you begin the conversation. Build the bridge. Break the silence. So your children, like Bobby, the hero in Bobby Gilliam, Brave and Strong, and Ana, the heroine in Rise and Shine, can be free to be everything they were created to be. 


Together we can protect the children of the world.


Recently On The Blog:

Prevention Strategies Around the Holidays

11/24/2015 by: Christy M. Willard

The holidays are coming and so is time with family and friends! While it can be fun reconnecting with your loved ones, it can also be quite overwhelming, especially for a child who is learning how to use and enforce body boundaries. Your loving support and encouragement is critical!


Talking about when and how to say "no" and actually doing it can be difficult for a child to navigate, so make sure to talk about what they can expect before you arrive. Remind them that they have your support while you are there. They don’t have to do this alone!


Help guide your child in alternatives to hugs and kisses, if they don’t want to show their affection that way. High-fives and handshakes are respectful and kind gestures. If your child uses their “no” help enforce it if a difficult family member refuses to accept that boundary.


Consider sharing with friends and family what you have learned and how respecting your child’s “no” today, could protect them in the future. Awareness breeds understanding. Your loved ones can be an ally for you and your child, if you are willing to have that tough conversation.


We know some people are more open to this discussion then others. Maybe our free PDF, “Hey Grandma and Grandpa, Can We Talk?” can help. Download it HERE.


Wishing you a very happy holiday, filled with food, fun, and healthy boundaries!

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