Don’t know how to talk to kids about sexual abuse?

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Hi, I'm Carolyn. I'm an author, speaker, writer, and mom on a mission —

to educate and encourage adults to talk to the children they love about sexual abuse.

Because sometimes the only thing between you and protecting your kids 

is an ongoing conversation. 


How My Father Protected Me
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New and Noteworthy:

Thank you for making Child Abuse Awareness month such a huge success! Together we raised awareness about childhood sexual abuse and got parents talking to their kids about this important issue.

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Check back soon as we reveal the stuffed animal total from our 2nd Annual Great Teddy Bear Drive for sexually abused children!




Together we can protect the children of the world.


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What If Question Four

4/27/2015 by: Christy M. Willard

Watch “What If” conversation starter (question four):



This is the last video in our 4 week video series of  "what if" conversation starters you can use to begin or continue the CSA conversation with your kids.

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