Hi, I'm Carolyn. I'm an author, speaker, writer, and mom on a mission — to educate and encourage adults to talk to the children they love about sexual abuse.

Because sometimes the only thing between you and protecting your kids from Childhood Sexual Abuse is a conversation.

How My Father Protected Me
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Sometimes situations appear so dark, so sad, we wonder, Can I make a difference?

During April, in honor of CSA Awareness month, Rise and Shine Movement will be hosting The Great Teddy Bear Drive for the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance. PCA interviews approximately 150 children each month who have disclosed CSA. Before an interview, each child is allowed to choose a teddy bear/stuffed animal to hold during this difficult process and to take home. Your donated teddy bears will offer a little bit of comfort during a confusing, painful time.

So hit the stores running.

               Purchase a bear. Purchase two.

                                      Heck, if there’s a sale, purchase twenty.

                                                           Rally your friends.

                                                                    Take some selfies and put them on our FB page.

                                                                               And smile. You will make a difference in the life of a hurting child.


                                               For donation guidelines and drop-off locations, please click here.                                                             



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Together we can protect the children of the world.  

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